Why Should You Get Made-To-Measure Doors?

Why Should You Get Made-To-Measure Doors


Ever heard the wind whistling through your doors? Or sat under a snuggly warm throw, as your home has too many drafts? Even modern homes can suffer from these problems. If your doors don’t fit properly, you get drafts. 

The reason a lot do not fit properly varies. In new homes, the construction usually places a bulk order, and the interior doors are all made to the same measurements. Unfortunately, some homes have slight differences in finishing measurements – hence the drafts.


Why Choose A Bespoke Fitted Door


In older homes, age, dampness, use, and badly done renovations are often the causes of drafts. It may be time to think about replacing any badly fitting doors with made-to-measure ones. Our doors will fit perfectly, helping to maintain room temperatures and reduce heating or cooling bills.


Another advantage to having bespoke doors is if you want them wider than the standard doors, possibly to be wheelchair accessible, both in width and the placement of handles. Smaller spaces can also benefit from bespoke doors in places like under the stairs that are not custom-sized.


Budding musicians in your home? Then consider a bespoke door to help create a soundproof or studio door. It really cuts the noise of the drums out!


Aesthetics, your doors are noticeable to yourself, your family and visitors. Talk to  Mister Micawber’s Cottage Doors UK team if you want an attractive, unique door functional door. Don’t forget that bespoke doors can add considerable value to your property.


Consider Doors For Your Wardrobes 


Once again, you can add instant value and appeal to your property with custom-made wardrobe doors. You can renovate, update and refresh the look of your rooms without going to the expense of buying new wardrobes. New doors can replace old or broken ones, especially on fitted wardrobes, without pulling everything out. Your doors can become an attractive focal point in your room. Small bedroom or unusual shaped room? Bespoke doors are your answer. 


Update Your Kitchen Cupboards


Fed up with your well-used kitchen cupboards, want a more stylish kitchen without an expensive overhaul? Change your kitchen cupboard and drawers. You can update your kitchen with fresh bespoke doors, turning your kitchen into a room that would welcome everyone.


Mr Micawber’s Cottage Doors

We supply bespoke doors throughout the UK. We have 5-types of doors we make.

Our doors are hand-made out of the finest pine or oak from sustainable forests. Our doors not only look good but feel good to the touch. All our doors are durable, functional and attractive to look at. You can order your made-to-measure doors as already sanded or ready to stain or paint. You can also opt for an antique pine stain with a wax polish finish! Not sure what you want? Talk to our experienced team. They can help.