How To Save Money On Made-To Measure Doors

Are you fed up with your old kitchen? Maybe it looks old-fashioned or shows signs of wear and tear. However, refurbishing a kitchen can be expensive, and given the current economic state of affairs, the cost of a full refurb may be above your current budget.

However, there is an increasingly popular way to freshen up your kitchen and give it that modern vibe—no more kitchen shame. Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors is the answer you are looking for. 

Why Replace Your Cupboard Doors?

Because it is an excellent way of getting what you want at a price you can afford. It is no secret that kitchens are the heart of every home, the place most people gravitate to at a party. An up-to-date kitchen refurb can make the room look impressive and somewhere you will be happy to work in.

If your kitchen cupboard carcasses are in good condition and the layout works for you—or is impossible to change in the case of a small kitchen—then changing the doors is a positive and economical way forward. 

Investing In Your Home

Investing in your home is never a bad idea. Real estate agents will tell you that a welcoming, modern kitchen can be the deal maker in many decisions. In the past, replacement kitchen cupboard doors would have been considered a purely budget option. However, times have changed and wanting to add your personality and individual style to your kitchen by replacing cupboard doors is the way forward. 

Replacement cupboard doors is a simple, less disruptive way of creating a fresh look without spending excessive money. Going that extra step and fitting bespoke doors are an excellent way to achieve the style you are looking for with a price tag you are happy with. 

Another plus for deciding on made-to-measure replacement cupboard doors is that they are environmentally friendlier and much less wasteful. For even more savings, you can even just change a few, not all of them, to get the effect your desire. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once the decision is made, what’s next? Do you buy ready-to-fit cupboard doors or go the bespoke route? Ready-made replacement doors can initially seem the right option, but there can be complications. For one, they might not fit if your cupboard carcasses are older models. 

There goes your dream of a lovely kitchen, as poorly fitting doors are obvious. Plus, if they don’t open or shut correctly, it will drive you mad! Fitting ready-made doors can be tricky even for a professional, and if you do not have the equipment or skill, it could be a costly disaster waiting to happen!

Bespoke kitchen cupboard doors are an alternative, cost-effective way to refresh your kitchen. They are a long-term investment in your home and will make your kitchens stand out. Beautiful, stylish and functional bespoke wooden doors from Mr Micawber Cottage Doors are traditionally made and long-lasting. It is easy to see the love, care and expertise that have gone into them. Contact them and discuss your needs and budget. You will be amazed at how reasonable their prices are for replacement cupboard doors that will give you years of pleasure.