Different Cottage Door Types

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When it comes time to choose a door for your home, there are many different factors to consider. The first thing you need to decide is what type of door you want. There are 6 main types of wooden doors, pine doors, raised & Fielded doors, flat panel doors, tongue & Groove doors, victorian style doors and shaker cupboard doors.

Once you have decided on the type of door you want, you need to decide on the size and style. The size of the door depends on the size of the opening and how it is used. A double door would be more suitable for a garage while a single door usually opens into the house. The style you choose also depends on how it will be used. At Cottage Doors, we can create any style door to any size.

Pine doors – Pine doors are one of the more inexpensive options that people tend to gravitate towards when remodelling their homes. There are also many different types of pine doors such as raised and fielded, flat panel, tongue and groove and victorian style pine doors.

Raised & fielded doors – Raised and fielded pine doors give a great rustic look that can add to the decor of any home. The boards on the door run vertically which then gives the impression of more space.

Flat-panel doors – Flat panel pine doors are one of our most popular selling doors at Cottage Doors. The flat panels make the door extremely durable and can be used in many different ways. You can use either side to open into your home, you could paint it bright white to create an amazing focal point or you could even paint it black to create the effect of there being no door there.

Tongue & groove doors – Tongue and groove pine doors are great for creating a rustic feel in your home. They are an excellent choice if you want to add that extra touch of country charm! These types of doors are perfect for a home that already has a country feel and look to them.

Victorian style doors – Victorian style pine doors can add an extra touch of class to your home. The door panels are raised and the edges are notched which gives it a detailed look, perfect for any Victorian styled home.

Shaker style doors – Shakers styling may be minimalistic with little frills, but it is also simple and elegant. This type of door has a flat panel which then has vertical boards that run down the centre.


Choosing the right door for your home is an important decision. You need to consider the size, style and type of door you want. At Cottage Doors, we have a wide variety of doors to choose from, including raised & fielded doors, flat panel doors, tongue & groove doors, victorian style doors and shaker style doors. We can create any style or size door that you need so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Contact us today.